Respiration Training to Boost Resistance to COVID-19

“I’m now very happy to say I’m recovering from a rather severe COVID-19 infection that included spiking 103F fever and bacterial pneumonia and severe cough.  I was very fortunate to have treatment resources available to fight off some of the more severe symptoms especially those related to respiratory distress. The things that were extremely helpful in my recovery have been the ability to treat myself with transcranial 1068nm photobiomodulation 4x/day and intensive VitC combined with antibiotic therapy and codeine suppressant for managing my cough.

The other critically important therapeutic resource was my ability to manage my respiration and avoid upper thoracic hyperventilation. The techniques that I used are based on the Butekyo method of respiration I learned over 20 years ago. I have taught these techniques to my clients and think it represents a core skill set for maintaining optimal health and more specifically, in the current context, supporting optimal resistance to COVID-19 infection. I’m certain that my ability to prevent hyperventilation and maintain fluid tidal flexibility in my lungs kept me from going into respiratory distress by maximizing my lung’s CO2 levels. I specificallly practiced holding my breath and walking up and down my hallway, increasing my steps taken before feeling the urgent need for another breath. I repeated this both while moving and in lying down to maintain maximum parasympathetic tone and respiratory sinus arrhythmia.

The following video presentation by Alik Mullahmetov is in Russian with subtitles and is a very useful overview of the clinical application of the Buteyko techniques and theory as it relates to the prevention of COVID-19 symptom progression. I strongly urge everyone to take these ideas and put them to immediate use as an additional means of enhancing resistance to infection.

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